Exclusive & artisanal

Artisanally crafted

The search for a stylish, sleek and original letterbox is not as easy as it may seem. Definitely not if you want to buy a letterbox which aesthetically matches the architecture of your garden or home.

Our TODO letterbox more than meets all these requirements.

The natural support post is made of acacia wood. We recover and saw the wood ourselves in our own studio. It is sanded by hand and feels nice and smooth. Moreover, we leave the wood untreated so that the support post retains its natural colour and beauty. For those who prefer a darker colour, we also provide a black stained post.

The letterbox itself is made entirely of inox. This is welded and assembled by hand. Afterwards, the letterbox is powder coated with textured paint in a RAL colour of your choice.

Our handcrafted letterbox also has the added advantage that we can be flexible in terms of sizes. You will find a small and a large model on this website, but because we want to create a unique mailbox for you, you can opt for a different size.

A design letterbox is part of your habitat. So we can offer you a personalised letterbox with matching house number or logo. You ask, we create.


High-grade materials

The search for a hard-wearing and high-quality letterbox is not an easy one. Definitely not if you want to buy a letterbox which overcomes the natural elements in an ecologically responsible way.

Our TODO letterbox more than meets all these requirements.

The post on which your letterbox is mounted is made of pure acacia wood. This is one of the most durable and finest grades of wood sorts. Our choice of wood is deliberate. Burning sun, gusty winds, salty air … The TODO letterbox withstands all weather conditions on the coast. The black stained post is treated with a high-grade wood stain. Our support post proudly and sturdily holds your designer letterbox.

The inox letterbox is a very deliberate and well-considered choice. Inox is a stainless steel that is extremely resistant to corrosion. Yet another bonus in an ocean climate. When designing the letterbox, we also took rain into account. We have provided a watertight flap so that the interior remains practically dry. In the letterbox itself, there is a small rack that your mail can fall on, safe and dry.

A durable TODO letterbox is a guarantee for durable mail.