Synergy of creativity and craft

TODO stands for TOm (De Vlamynck) and DOminique (Eeman).

Dominique works as a well-known landscaper at home and abroad. He has 25 years of experience and specializes in coastal garden design. That target group gave him the idea to design his own letterbox. As a landscape architect, he looks for a symbiosis between the garden and the house. Customers therefore ask him which letterbox fits the best with the architecture of their garden and house. From this grew the design of the TODO letterbox. Dominique creates a natural, sleek, simple and stylish model that perfectly meets the wishes of his clientele.

Tom works as a passionate tree pruner and arborist. He loves working with wood in his small-scale family workshop. Thanks to the work in various gardens, it is relatively easy for him to recuperate acacia trunks. He saws that trunk into poles of the correct height and sanded them manually. Each pole is therefore unique and original. Another family member welds, assembles and powdercoats the stainless steel letterbox. This small family business creates Dominique’s creative idea in a traditional way.

The TODO letterbox was born.